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Things that have been going on

I have been so busy doing Video's for my YouTube Channel which are still a bit of a challenge for me plus thanks to my Husband I now have a room all to myself where I can be creative without any interruptions which is just soooooooo awesome.

My latest design for a Card is using Diamond Painting leftovers, designing an image and adding the Diamonds to it. The Video will go up on my YouTube channel next week so be sure to go to my Channel, Subscribe and hit the bell notification to ensure you get notified when a new Video is uploaded. https://www.youtube.com/c/SssvcreationsAu2015

With having a room of my own now comes with it needing to make changes in order to organise everything properly which is a little challenging as I need to wait for my husband to finish some of the changes in order for me to make the room work for me. This means that I am unable to update my products as I haven't got the spot available where I will be taking pictures of all my products but don't despair as soon as I am able to sort it out I will be putting new things up such as Custom made cards.

Diamond Painting Celebration Card

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